Investment Focus

Demopolis Equity Partners makes control buyout investments in outstanding technology-enabled businesses. We look for companies with passionate operators and untapped potential where our capital, expertise, and relationships can unlock growth and help drive value creation. We believe that technology can be leveraged to make a difference in our communities.

Investment Criteria

Demopolis targets high quality established financial technology and e-Commerce companies to help build market-leading players that outperform their peers over time. Our typical target will present some of the following characteristics:

  • Solid enterprise-focused customer base (B2B)
  • Business model of relevant recurring revenue and prone to sustainable growth
  • Well positioned products or services in large addressable markets
  • Track record of generating above market returns


Minimum Run Rate Revenue

+$ / unit

Positive Unit Economics

$10M - $30M

Equity Investment

Our Differentiated Approach

We take a fundamentally different approach to creating value for portfolio companies. Our partner firms choose Demopolis because of our:


Our scale gives us the ability - and the mandate - to make sure that each of our partners suceeds.


We collaborate with our partners, putting the right answer ahead of personal egos.


We draw on the diversity of our backgrounds to avoid groupthink & deliver distinctive strategies.


Years in operating roles ensure our solutions go beyond the whiteboard to work in the real world.


Our network of C-suite executives, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors delivers impact to partners.